We’ve been remiss on keeping updates on this blog. We’re sorry about that. We’re trying to wrap up the final bits of the film before we go full bore into post production. However we did get some nice press in the September issue of St. Louis Magazine. So thanks so much to Stefene Russell for writing this really nice piece.

So about our progress with the film. We’re a little behind or not depending on how you look at it. Our original goal (which was fairly ambitious) was to have the film completed by next month (October 15) in order for it to be screened in the St. Louis International Film Fest in November. But the summer wasn’t as kind or productive as we hoped it would be. The brutal heat made many days nearly impossible to shoot out of doors. And there were some personal set backs among two of our key crew members. So we made the decision to push back our expected completion date to December rather than October as we hoped. But on the bright side, we’re still on track for completing the film well in advance of our February deadline under the terms of our CALOP grant. So depending on how you look at it, we’re either ahead of schedule or behind.