I’m not a fan of Stag. I’m a beer snob. But I understand the brand, at least, what it is these days. A cheap no-nonsense, don’t-give-a-shit beer, as in: it competes on price, not quality. Maybe the brand also has a little nostalgia, but that might be purely accidental. I’m not all that familiar with what the brand meant in the past. I know it was a regional beer, and this little find I made at the St. Louis Curio Shoppe suggests that they had, at least, some ambitions to be a mid-market to premium product. I don’t know enough about the history of the company to know how successful they were. As far as I can tell they don’t even rank as a national budget brand, they seem to be that odd regional budget beer. It’s popular only in the southern Illinios and Metro St. Louis area, which is no doubt because it was brewed in Belleville Illinois.

Anyway I found this little gem of Stag years past. I don’t know when it was published exactly, but anyone would be right to guess that’s it’s a relic of the mid-20th century. Oh and here’s a PDF you can download to read and enjoy as well.