Diane Keaggy wrote this nice piece about our film for the St. Louis Post Dispatch and STLToday.com in August:

Bill Streeter’s award-winning video blog, Lo-Fi Saint Louis, boasts St. Louis’ best musicians, artists and burlesque queens. But for his first feature-length film, Streeter showcases a subject that, on the surface, seems pretty dull: brick.

“I admit it seems a little nutty,” Streeter says. “But the more I learned about the history here and how that history is being stolen by brick thieves, I realized this could be a good film. One of the things that helped me think it was OK is when I saw that movie ‘Helvetica.’ I figured if someone can make a movie about a typeface, I can make a movie about a building material.”

“Brick by Chance and Fortune” had its debut at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and will play twice this week at Off Broadway. The title, taken from Greek historian Plutarch, alludes to our geological jackpot: the clay beds that lie beneath large areas of St. Louis.

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