Window sign at the Wheel Inn Drive-Inn in Sedalia MO home of the Goober Burger

It’s sort of funny how you come across news. I happend on this photo while browsing my friends photos on Flickr and when I looked at it I learned that this old restaurant The Wheel Inn Drive Inn is closing soon. I know the Wheel Inn because when I was in the Air Force I was stationed near Sedalia Missouri where it sits prominately on the corner of a big intersection there. I had no idea that the place had been open so long–60 years. Their gimmic was the “Goober Burger” a hamburger served with peanut butter on it. I never had one when I lived near there, but I’ve made them for myself since and it’s really quite good. Anyway this old building is kind of typical of it’s era–a late 40’s early 50’s roadside fast food drive inn. It’s a relic of early American car culture. There are some more photos on flickr here.